What Google’s Policy Reveals About A.I. Generated Content

A robot utilizing A.I. generated content reads a book on Google's new policies and examines their impact on content.

By now, you’ve likely experimented with A.I. tools like ChatGPT and Bard to create content. However, Google’s perspective on A.I. generated content is evolving, and recent updates to their policies are shedding light on their stance. In this blog post, we’ll explore Google’s latest merchant center policy, the potential implications for A.I. generated reviews, the accuracy challenges faced by A.I., and what this means for content creators. Let’s delve into the details.

Google Merchant Center Policy and A.I. Generated Reviews

Recently, Google updated its merchant center policy to address A.I. generated content. The new policy states:

Automated Content: We don’t allow reviews that are primarily generated by an automated program or artificial intelligence application.

This indicates that A.I. generated reviews are considered spam and not welcomed by Google. They prioritize authentic reviews that offer genuine insights to potential customers. So, if you’re thinking of using A.I. for reviews, it’s time to reconsider.

Inaccuracy Challenges of A.I. Generated Content

While A.I. is undoubtedly impressive, it does have its flaws. One of the main concerns is the accuracy of its outputs, which heavily rely on the vast amount of data it scrapes from the web. However, the internet is rife with inaccurate content, leading to potential problems with A.I.’s outputs. For instance, studies have shown that the accuracy of A.I. models can decline over time, rendering them less reliable for essential tasks.

For example, a Stanford study found that ChatGPT went from answering a simple math question accurately 98% of the time to eventually only 2% of the time.

A.I. Generated Content and Medical Advice

Medical advice is an area where accuracy is paramount, and A.I.’s performance has shown limitations. A study involving 284 medical questions posed to ChatGPT by physicians across 17 specialties revealed an accuracy of 92%. While 92% might seem impressive, when it comes to medical advice, even a small margin of error could have severe consequences, potentially harming or endangering someone’s life.

Google’s Future Approach to A.I. Generated Content:

Google may not be entirely against A.I. generated content, but they are likely to exercise control over its application, especially in sensitive areas like finance and healthcare. The search engine giant aims to prioritize human-written content that can be more trustworthy and accurate for critical topics. Therefore, if you want your content to rank well on Google, consider using A.I. as a tool for initial drafts, but have humans review and modify the content to ensure accuracy.

The Shift Towards Human-Written Content

As businesses increasingly leverage A.I. technology for content creation, there’s a growing trend favoring human-written content. Search algorithms are likely to give preference to authentic, human-crafted articles as they become rarer in a sea of A.I. generated content. Human input adds a level of understanding and context that A.I. alone cannot replicate. Even if you use A.I. to start the writing process, having a human review and fine-tune the content will likely yield the best results for both search rankings and reader engagement.


In the realm of A.I. generated content, accuracy and trustworthiness are critical factors. Google’s evolving policies make it clear that they prioritize human-written reviews and content over A.I. generated ones, especially in areas that can have real-world consequences. If you’re considering using A.I. for content creation, remember to supplement it with human review to ensure accuracy and value for your audience. As algorithms continue to evolve, human-written content is likely to be the path to long-term success in the digital landscape.

Are you exploring A.I. tools for content creation? Remember, the best results come from a synergy of A.I. and human expertise. Ensure your content is reliable, accurate, and valuable by having humans review and refine your A.I. generated drafts. As the digital landscape evolves, trustworthiness will be the key to organic growth and audience engagement. Embrace the power of A.I. as a tool, but always keep the human touch in your content to stand out and succeed in the long run.

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