10 Steps How to Link Companies Domain Email to Gmail

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10 Steps How to Link Companies Domain Email to Gmail

After creating a domain email for your company or business website you could check the emails by login to www.yourwebsite.com/webmail. But this process is not always user friendly. Most of us always using a common email at Gmail for our professional purposes. We always keep login to Gmail in our desktop and mobile phones. So this is a best practice to link companies’ domain email account to Gmail.
Linking your companies’ domain email account to your Gmail account is a very easy task, thanks to the Gmail for their user-friendly settings section. After you link your Companies Domain Email to your Gmail, all of the emails coming to your server could be checked by login to your Gmail accounts. You could see all of your server emails on Gmail inbox. You could also reply using the same email so that your recipients will receive that email from your domain email, not your Gmail.

So below are the process:

  1. Log in to your Gmail account.
  2. Go to settings from the top right side settings icon.

    Gmail Settings
  3. From the settings dashboard click on Accounts and Import. Then scroll down to Check mail from other accounts. Click on Add a mail account.

    Accounts & Import

  4. You will see a pop up form. Now add your email account in the box, and click next.

    Add Mai Account
  5.  Check the Import emails from my other account (POP3) and click next.

  6. Now enter the email settings for your email. Add full email address as username, your email password, pop server: mail.yourwebsite.com (Please replace “yourwebsite.com” with your domain,) port: 995.  Select always use a secure connection (ssl) when retrieving email. Select Label incoming messages: if you want to see a level on the incoming and outgoing email from your domain email. Now click on Add Account. If it failed, add the password and port again and click Add Account again. (Sometimes failed to fetch the server, don’t worry.)

    Enter mail settings
  7. You will see a confirmation message that your mail account has been added. Now select Yes, I want to be able to send mail as info@yourwebsite.com. And click next.

    send mail as
  8. Now enter information about your other email address. Write your Name that you want to see on your email. As an example I have set MD. Arifur Rahman | Graphic Designer as name.
    Check Treat as an alias and click next.

    Info Other Email
  9. Now configure your mail to be sent through yourwebsite.com SMTP servers. Add mail.yourwebsite.com in SMTP Server. Add full email address as Username, Password for the email account, Port 465, select Secured connection using SSL. Click Add Account.

    Send Mail SMTP Server
  10. Now check your Gmail Inbox, you will receive a verification code. Add the code and verify. You are all done.

    Confirm Verification Email
  11. You are all done! You can check your email address added on Gmail from the accounts and import section.

    Send Mail As Final

You will receive any message sent to your email account, and you can also send email as info@ yourwebsite.com. You can replace the “info” with your name like johndoe@yourwebsite.com.

Hope you have already linked up your email account with Gmail. If you couldn’t, please feel free to ask anything in the comments section.

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