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Sitakunda Fish Market Logo – Bangla Logo

Sitakunda Logo mockup

This logo is designed for a Fish Market Company named Sitakunda Fish Market (বাংলাঃ সীতাকুন্ড মাছের আড়ৎ). The client is very creative.

This client have outstanding idea. He is the first ever person in fish market in Bangladesh who is willing to develop an web based software solution to maintain his account and inventory. Our company ABAC Technologies LTD. is developing the whole process from the scratch to make his dream come true.

I’m designing the UI/UX and logo for the project.

I have USED Illustrator for designing the logo. I have used a Bangla font in the logo text and customize the type to look better in the round shape.

As a Bangladeshi client Sitakunda Fish market client like to see his Logo text in Bangla. So I have used সীতাকুন্ড মাছের আড়ৎ and all other text in Bangla.

Client likes the color combination Blue and Green used in the logo. I have also used a pattern at the inside edge of the outer green circle of the logo.

This vector logo is easily changeable. Client could use any color according to his need. It will be perfect both in color or black and white print.

This logo could be used in business card, poster, banner, billboard, TVC, newspaper and etc.

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